Visitors are encouraged to “land snorkel” across the prairie. You are welcome to walk on the many dirt roads and two-track ranch roads on our properties, or take the marked interpretive trail at the Antelope Creek campground. However, one of the appeals of the prairie is the opportunity to wander off trail and following streambanks, game trails, and your own sense of adventure.

What is Land Snorkeling?

One of the best parts of land snorkeling is that it doesn't require specific equipment, a special location, or even a set time commitment. The land snorkel concept was developed by artists Clyde Aspevig and Carol Guzman, long-time supporters of American Prairie. According to the Land Snorkel website: Land snorkeling is taking the time to savor aspects of nature we ordinarily don’t see or pay attention to. Land snorkelers wander through nature with no intention of hiking to a destination. One contemplates what we find in nature and explores every possible connection with all parts of our natural world. Each blade of grass, rock, or creature has some connection to us. We ask questions looking at nature and find out what that connection might be – we develop our cognitive and abstract muscles to solve the problem. We have fun doing it. It helps us to think. Our imagination and creativity is enhanced and richens our lives in a healthy and productive way. It’s free and it’s fun.

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