Sights & Sounds

Nature is a continual source of knowledge, joy, and renewal. Let the content below transport you to the prairie from wherever you are.

Virtual Backgrounds

Use an image of American Prairie as a virtual background in your next video conference! Use the instructions provided by your preferred platform to update your background,* and then be sure to let your friends and co-workers know about American Prairie when they ask “Where in the world are you?” Click images to download.

*Images may only be used for video conference virtual backgrounds.

Prairie Sounds

Experience a chorus of wildlife calls, including meadowlark, bison, prairie dogs, and more. Many of these audio recordings were created on American Prairie and are shared here courtesy of the Montana State University Library Acoustic Atlas.


Enjoy the prairie through some of our favorite videos, which were produced by American Prairie and our partners.


A curated collection of podcasts for your listening pleasure.


A curated collection of books for your reading pleasure.