American Prairie
National Discovery Center

The American Prairie National Discovery Center is the gateway to the prairie and a central gathering place for visitors from around the world.

About the National Discovery Center

Two of the core tenants of American Prairie are providing education about the prairie and access to the land. The National Discovery Center is a rendezvous point for visitors going to the prairie, a vibrant place for community building and partnership, and an important educational resource on the importance of grassland ecosystems to the health of our planet. The National Discovery Center is located a short drive from the prairie in Lewistown, Montana. It is open to the public and hosts an ever-growing lineup of local, regional, and national activities and programs that stir visitors to love and want to preserve the prairie and all of its inhabitants.

Located in the renovated Power Mercantile building, the National Discovery Center features interactive exhibits about the prairie ecosystem, community meeting spaces, and a film theater. The Exhibit Hall includes interactive exhibits and the Night Sky Theater that explore the nuances of the prairie ecosystem. The Talpins Children’s Center gives kids their own place to play and learn about the prairie. The Clyde Aspevig Event Center, which provides flexible spaces for events, presentations, and meetings with state-of-the-art technology. The Ken Burns American Heritage Theater offers a variety of films that introduce visitors to American Prairie, its mission, and the prairie ecosystem.

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Upcoming Events




American Prairie presents Jason Baldes: “Land Rematriation with Buffalo Restoration is Reconciliation”

Apr 13 / 6:00pm

Jason Baldes, the Tribal Buffalo Program Manager for the Wind River Reservation, will offer an hour-long presentation at the NDC and will then take part in a panel discussion with members of Montana Tribes who are also creating and managing their own bison programs.




American Prairie presents ECO-Critters with ZooMontana

May 6 / 10:00am–4:00pm

ECO-Critters continues its second season with another exciting visit from ZooMontana staff who bring with them an assortment of live animals from around the world!




American Prairie presents “Historic Indian Trade and Camp Blankets: a History and Public Appraisal with Barry Friedman”

Jul 1 / 1:00pm–6:00pm

Barry Friedman, foremost authority on historic Indian Trade and Camp Blankets and the consultant for Pendleton, will conduct a public presentation in American Prairie’s National Discovery Center.