Community Engagement

We are Montanans. We strive to be good neighbors to all people on the prairie, to work collaboratively, and to make positive contributions to the communities around us.

We prioritize buying and hiring locally, and building meaningful relationships with local groups and leaders. Helping visitors understand the region's cultural heritage is also an important part of our work to share the unique landscape of the prairie. We provide educational opportunities, honor the region’s rich history, and find innovative ways to work with neighbors that match our shared goals for wildlife.

We have many neighbors in and around the seven-county region where American Prairie owns property. Nearby Indigenous communities, whose roots go back for millennia, continue to steward land and wildlife. Ranching families, who have lived and worked in the region for generations, also have deep connections to this place. We seek to be collaborative, share the land and its stories, and have a positive economic and cultural impact.

Community Engagement Projects & Programs

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