Wild Skies and Stargazing

No trip to the prairie (or Montana) is complete without enjoying one of its most memorable views: big open skies.

Endless horizons put on spectacular shows throughout the day, starting with sunrises that awaken the prairie and its creatures with creeping light.

By late afternoon, watch as the sun tracks toward the Little Rockies in the west and creates stunning scenes for photographers of all abilities. Be sure to check the times for sunset and sunrise before your trip – it changes drastically in each season!

Did you know that the naked eye is able to spot 3,000 stars on a clear, dark night?

As a highly remote destination with little to no light pollution, American Prairie is an ideal place to see the Milky Way, learn the constellations, or simply get comfortable in a sleeping bag and fall asleep under the stars. American Prairie offers world-class night sky viewing to amateur constellation hunters as well as dedicated astrophotographers.

Lucky visitors might even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights! They typically appear low on the horizon with greenish hues, and seeing the lights above the open prairie is an experience not soon forgotten. Check the forecast to be ready (and well-rested) for late night sightings.

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